5 Ways To Save Space In Your Home

There are times that having too little space can be quite frustrating. It seems like it’s always much much crowded that there’s never any room. But this does not always have to be the case. All you need to do is to learn to be creative, organized, and to know how to use every corner of your home. Here are some tips and ideas.

1. Shelves and Cupboards on Walls

Do you have a lot of stuff like dishes or books or any other utensils that should be put away? Having shelves and cupboards on the walls will be useful and helpful because it will save up a lot of space. Keep in mind, having space constraints means you’re going to be limited with the number of decorations you can hang such as framed arts or pictures. However, one way to combat this is to design these shelves and cupboards as though they were decorative pieces, so you can kind of kill two birds with one stone.

2. Folding Tables

Tables are a necessity in every household. They are used for eating, doing work, and even for entertainment. Having a folding table is a great idea for having extra table space when entertaining guests, but it can also be very useful for saving space every day by folding it up and putting it away when you are done. It can also be used as a crafting or working space that can be put away after use. 

3. Ottoman with Storage

One of the greatest ideas recently is having ottomans with storage. You can use them to store away some of your stuff and get the dual benefit of also using them as a seat or a leg rest. They are very versatile pieces of furniture and can be placed in whatever room you need, as long as you choose pieces with complementary colors and styles. You can put them in the bedroom or playroom with children’s toys, books, and even some clothes, or in the living room where you can keep your most recent magazines. Moreover, ottomans are not limited to use as a seat or a leg rest. They can also cross function as a table, and at times even as a bed for pets. 

4. Futon

In Japan, most of the homes are small and have little space, and that is why the culture tends to be minimal and is known for their use of futons. Futons are really versatile, and you can definitely use them instead of a bed. They can also be used for guests who want to stay over or for children and their sleepovers. All in all, a futon will be a great addition to your home and they are also a relatively cheap addition that won’t take away a lot of your space.

5. Shower Alcove or Niche

Living rooms and bedrooms are not the only places that need storage – there are also the bathrooms to keep in mind. A great way for achieving this is adding a shower alcove. With a shower alcove, there is no need for extra shelves for shampoos, conditioners, body wash, and any other items. They also save a lot of space since they are part of the wall. 

With our lives seeming so fast-paced and busy all the time, it is wise to be practical and be thoughtful of our basic needs. It is not bad to live comfortably or have luxuries from time to time, but always keep in mind how valuable it is to you. Remember that these things start with the right mindset: to declutter our lives and to be creative.